Drivakslens rolle


Bilens halvaksel kaldes ogsåDrivaksel, which connects the differential with the drive wheels. The Drivaksel is the shaft that transmits torque between the gearbox reducer and the drive wheels. There is a universal joint (U/JOINT) at the inner and outer ends of the shaft, which is connected to the reducer gear and the inner ring of the hub bearing through the spline on the universal joint.

DetDrivakseloverfører kraften fra differentialet til venstre og højre drivhjul.
DetDrivaksel is a solid shaft that transmits large torque between the differential and the drive axle. Its inner end is generally connected with the side gear of the differential through a spline, and the outer end is connected to the drive through a flange or spline. The wheel shells of the wheels are connected.
Detstructure of the Drivakseler anderledes på grund af drivakslens struktur. Halvakslen i den ikke-frakoblede drivaksel er en stiv fuldaksel.

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