Almindelige fejl i styresystemet

Forkert retning

Retningens afvigelse udtrykkes som: under kørsel føler bilen, at bilen automatisk afbøjes til den ene side, ogstyretøj wheel must be held hard to maintain the straight driving direction. The reasons are: the left and right tires have different air pressures; individual brake shoes scrape the brake hub, or one wheel shell bearing is too tight; individual leaf springs are broken, and the elasticity of the steel plates on both sides is uneven; the front axle or frame is bent; the front wheel The positioning is inaccurate or the wheelbases on both sides are not equal; the gap between the styretøj knuckle king pin and the bushing is not the same, or the tension adjustment of the ball joints on both sides of the tie rod is not the same; the truck cargo is loaded unevenly.

Hoved sving
Hovedsvingningsydelsen er som følger: Når bilen kører, føles det som om de to forhjul svajer til venstre og højre, ogstyretøj wheel is difficult to grasp. The reason is: the horizontal and straight tie rod ball head is adjusted too loosely (the spring is broken or the adjustment gap is too large); the free stroke of the styretøj wheel is too large; the meshing gap between the styretøj gear wheel and the worm is too large; the gap between the upper and lower bearings of the worm is too large; The bushing gap is too large; the front wheel housing bearing assembly is too loose, or the front wheel rim is out of round and the swing difference is too large; the front wheel positioning is inaccurate.
Styring tung

Tunghed afstyretøjudtrykkes som: at dreje påstyretøj wheel when driving a car to turn, feels heavy and difficult. The reasons are: the upper and lower shafts of the worm are adjusted too tightly or the bearings are damaged; the worm gear and the worm are too tightly meshed, and there is no gap between the styretøj rocker shaft of the styretøj gear and the bushing; the styretøj shaft is bent or the pipe column is concave and scratches each other; the styretøj wheel Strike or wear the pipe string; the thrust bearing on the styretøj knuckle is lacking or damaged; the styretøj knuckle king pin and bushing are too tight or lacking lubricating oil; the styretøj knuckle tie rod (straight tie rod) screw plug is screwed too tightly, or the tie rod joint is missing Oil; the tie rod ball head is adjusted too tightly, or the slider is out of oil; the tire pressure is insufficient; the front axle or frame is bent, and the front wheel alignment is inaccurate.

The performance of understeer when turning is that the amount of rotation of the car is not enough when turning. The reasons are: improper position of the styretøj rocker arm on the rocker arm shaft; excessive adjustment of the styretøj angle limit bolt; front and rear movement of the front axle; improper assembly position of the recirculating ball or styretøj gear sector teeth and the worm box.

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