Brug af støddæmper


For at fremskynde dæmpningen af ​​rammen og karosseriets vibrationer og forbedre bilens komfort (komfort),stødabsorberendeer installeret i de fleste bilers affjedringssystem.

En bils stødabsorberingssystem består af en fjeder og enstøddæmper. The støddæmper is not used to support the weight of the car body, but to suppress the shock when the spring rebounds after absorbing the shock and absorb the energy of the road impact. The spring plays the role of alleviating the impact, changing the "high energy one impact" into "small energy multiple impact", and the støddæmper gradually reduces the "small energy multiple impact". If you have driven a car with a broken støddæmper, you can experience the bouncing of the aftermath of the car going through every pothole and ups and downs, and the støddæmper is used to suppress this kind of bounce. Without a støddæmper, the rebound of the spring cannot be controlled. When the car encounters a rugged road, it will have a serious bounce. When cornering, the tire's grip and tracking will be lost due to the vibration of the spring.
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